3 Benefits of Yoga That Are Backed By Science

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps us become physically and mentally fit. For many, yoga serves to connect their body and mind, and introduces a harmony in their body. Yoga consists of various poses and exercises to help you relax and feel the internal strength of your mind and body.

People doing yoga make bold claims and provide us with lots of benefits of yoga. However,  not every single one of those benefits has been backed by science.

In this article, we’ve  included some of the benefits of yoga which are backed by science. You’re  more likely to achieve these benefits quickly if you learn yoga by a school like Marianne Wells Yoga School.

Yoga Class

It Reduces Stress

One of the best things yoga is known for is helping you decrease your stress levels. Yoga can even suppress the secretion of stress hormone “Cortisol” in your body.

Various studies have proven that long term yoga practice can cause a significant reduction in cortisol levels in your body. This has a direct relationship with your stress level and other things like anxiety and depression.

Reduces Inflammation

Yoga has also been linked by many with a reduced level of inflammation in their body. While investing flammability is a regular response of our immune system to certain stimuli, chronic inflammation can lead us towards problems like heart and various other diseases.

Yoga Can Improve Heart Health

Heart is the central organ of our body, and it pumps blood to every corner of our body to help keep us going everyday. The health of our heart directly impacts our overall health.

Many people who have been doing yoga for many years now report better heart health as compared to other people who have never done yoga.

These were some of the science backed benefits of yoga that you’re  guaranteed to get once you start practicing yoga on regular basis.