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According to Wikipedia, Page Rank is a connection examination calculation utilized by the Google Internet web index that allocates a mathematical weighting to every component of a hyperlinked set of records, for example, the World Wide Web, to quantify its general significance inside the set. The calculation might be applied to any assortment of elements with equal citations and references. In the event that you suspect as much, at that point you are incorrect.

A couple of months prior, Google managed down the Page Rank Aka PR of Stanford Daily from 9 to 7 since, Stanford Daily were selling the content connection advertisements. Afterward, it was discovered that Stanford Daily is not the lone site; however there were some more destinations whose Page Rank was decreased for a similar explanation selling text joins.

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Because of this, it might have gotten steam as Google Page Rank estimations of some notable destinations have endured a shot during that week. Barely any Ex:

  1. Washingtonpost.com – From PR7 to PR5
  2. Statcounter.com – From PR10 to PR8
  3. MasterNewMedia.org – From PR7 to PR6
  4. Problogger.net – From PR7 to PR4
  1. Blogherald.com – From PR6 to PR4

Sites like TechCrunch, BoingBoing, NYTimes and other mainstream locales that SurveyClarity not sell text joins have held their Google PageRank score.

Note: Google PageRank can be distinctive across various server farms as the new scores might not have been spread to them.

In the event that the PageRank of a site is diminished by Google, there may not be any obvious plunge in internet searcher traffic quickly yet that could change over the long haul. Continuously, use reel=no follow tag, on the off chance that you are selling text joins on you site and try not to get punished by Google.