Pointsto Search For When Selecting Better Durians in Singapore

You probably already know that it is durian year again , so to help you make the right purchase, we have decided to produce this guide to the various durian types which can be found in Singapore, so you understand exactly what you are dealing with when you are feasting on the sins of fruits.Durians are divided into two main categories or sweet. Most people would prefer one overriding taste though there are breeds which are sweet and bitter. If you are not super into the king of fruits, you are probably familiar with two strains: D24 and Mao Shan Wang. But believe it or not, there are countless durian types in the world grown in Thailand and Singapore. Scroll down to Learn More!

Mao Shan Wang AKA: Butter durian, Cat Mountain King, Rajah Knit

To differentiate them, look out for the pyramid-shapes thorns at the bottom of the stem. They have a distinctive pattern.

butter durian singapore

D24 AKA: Sultan

While butter durian singapore are a bit overpowering in flavour and are famous for their creamy texture and bittersweet after-taste. This is a fantastic introduction to the king of fruits if you are not comfortable with durians.The durian’s stem is shorter compared to durians and it is a Ring around the base.

Golden Phoenix AKA: Jinn Feng

Despite being one of the smallest durians it could be as small as a Mango, this breed really brings something fresh to the table using its strong pungent odor. It is famous for texture that was watery, its taste.The shell has sharp thorns to identify it, While the fruit is oval and roundish.


If you like your durian bitter and intense, the XO durian is up your alley. It is a pale yellow flesh that watery. Its name derives from the fact that the strain is cultivated through an elongated period of fermentation in its shell its aftertaste.XO durians are their thorns and oblong or round Inwards of the fruit in the bottom.