Hosting a Rap Battle on a Party Bus

Rapping is a style of vocals that involves the rhythmic singing of lyrics over a beat. Melody can often come into play here but it’s mostly the speed of the rapping as well as the groove that it manages to lock itself into that can play a role in making it a distinct genre of vocals in and of itself. Part of the rapping culture that most people want to take part in at the end of the day involves rap battles. This is basically where two rappers face off, free styling their lyrics and coming up with improvisational lines that are meant to “diss”, or disrespect, their opponent.

Hosting a rap battle on your Glendale party bus can be a great way to elevate the mood. No one is ever going to want to go away from the party bus if they know that a rap battle is about to happen. If you are worried that things could get aggressive, just keep in mind that the disrespect that we spoke of before is all in good humor. It is basically a form of teasing the opponent and trying to make yourself appear to be the superior rapper, but both rappers would ultimately have a fair amount of respect for each other as well.

The kinds of lyricism that can come from improvisations during a rap battle are quite remarkable. It just goes to show that rappers are truly talented individuals that possess a specific kind of skill set that is far beyond anything else that anyone would be able to come close to. Their skills should be put on display on your party bus for the whole world to check out.